Executive Avionic Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Executive Avionic Solutions (Pty) Ltd
Andrea Vizzini - Managing Director
My career started as an apprentice with Safair Freighters in Kempton Park where I worked on C130 until I qualified as an avionics technician. During my training I was awarded the apprentice of the year award.

After qualifying I left the aviation industry to venture in the business world. But after many long hours and many lessons in life I returned to the aviation industry . with what I was more familiar and more experienced.

I then joined TRONAIR based at Lanseria where I worked on small aircraft and where I first met Brian Chiddick. After 18 months I moved on to work for a company in Wonderboom called PASLOAD FLIGHTS where I was involved in maintaining and upgrading a fleet of Turbine DC3.s. The company was sold, and due the nature and extensive experience gained on the DC3.s I landed up following the DC3.s as they were sold and leased for a period of 3years. During this period I worked for PROFESSIONAL AVIATION, CENTURY FLIGHT SYSTEMS, STOCKS AND STOCKS and finally for MALU AVIATION in Zaire.

I worked in the DRC for 5years where I gained vast experience in different conditions and various operations.

Circumstances brought me back home to South Africa where I was sought after by a company in Lanseria called ROSSAIR to start an Avionic workshop to maintain and service the fleet of aircraft operated by the Rossair Group. As the company grew so did the avionics division.

It started off as a .one-man-band.. It grew and grew until I couldn.t cope with the workload anymore. Petro, Brian and Angus joined and the Avionics division grew to a staggering staff of 43 just before Rossair was liquidated.

Sadly after 8 years of employment with Rossair as a Director, it went into liquidation which led me in mechanizing the purchase of the test equipment from the banks and to form a new company called EXECUTIVE AVIONIC SOLUTIONS. Executive Avionic Solution is a new company with a good group of people which has lots of potential.

E-mail andrea@eavionics.co.za.

Brian Chiddick - Director
I started my training with Comair where I completed my apprentice training in Aircraft Radio and Radar. After having been in various companies as well as a spell with the Decca Navigation Transmitters, I joined Rossair. I am one of the Directors of Executive Avionic Solutions where I work side by side with Andrea and Angus. My specialty is Radars in the Pulse category. My experience in Avionics is some 34 odd years.

E-mail brian@eavionics.co.za.

Angus McLachlan - Director
I started my aviation career in the mid 1970.s when I did my military service with the South African Air force. After my service I joined an avionics company at Rand Airport where I spent the next 18 years. I was chiefly involved in avionics, upgrades to various aircraft operated by the S.A.A.F at that time. I also had a great deal of exposure to the Collins line of avionic equipment and attended many Rockwell-Collins training programs. In 2001 I joined Rossair Avionics based at Lanseria Airport. I had the chance to get involved in the corporate, charter and contract areas of aviation. In January 2005 Executive Avionic Solutions (Pty) Ltd was formed. I am now in the position alongside Andrea and Brian to take this company to great heights.

E-mail gus@eavionics.co.za.

Mark Doherty - Avionics Manager
I started and completed my Avionics apprenticeship with NAC Lanseria and worked in their avionics shop for 11 years, attaining the position of Accountable Manager, before joining Rossair in 2000. I gained extensive experience with Contract work in Africa, Asia and Europe, during my time with Rossair. In 2006 I was appointed Avionics Manager with Executive Avionic Solutions. My experience includes all Avionics repair and installations. My experience in Avionics is some 16 odd years.

E-mail mark@eavionics.co.za.

Anthony Korndorffer - Electrical Manager
My career started with National Airways in 1990 where I completed my apprenticeship. I work in the Avionics Department for 10 years and became avionics Manager when Mark Doherty left the company to join Rossair. I left National Airways in 2000 and joined Zimex Aviation where I worked as a contract engineer for a year.

Rossair approached me in 2001 and asked me to be a contract engineer for the avionics department. I have gained vast experiences in Aviation during these contract years as we were involved in ALL aspects of maintaining aircraft out in the field. I stayed with Rossair until they liquidated and started with Executive Avionic Solutions in 2005 as a contract Engineer. In December 2006 I was given the opportunity to Manage the Electrical Shop. My experience in Avionics, Electrical and Instruments is some 17 odd years.

E-mail anthony@eavionics.co.za.

Hugo Marques - Instruments Manager
With a background in electronics, I started my apprenticeship in 1995 with Aircraft Instruments while undergoing parallel training at Denel. During these years, I gained extensive experience in general instrumentation, autopilot & gyro systems. Specializing in gyroscopic systems, gave me a deeper insight on attention to detail & an overall understanding of critical tolerances relating to aircraft system maintenance. Career took off in 1998, as a qualified AME, I furthered my knowledge on small- to medium-aircraft instrumentation. Upon joining Rossair in 2003, gave my career a boost into the medium-aircraft category of the Beechcraft 1900.s, ATR.s, Embraer.s, Citations, Learjet.s, Challenger.s, Global Express., Fokker F-28.s, De Havilland.s, Hawker Siddeley 748.s, instrumentation systems; just to name a few. Since then I have been sub-contracted into Africa where I have been implemented on emergency repair to aircraft instrumentation systems. These days, as Instrument Manager for Executive Avionic Solutions (Pty) Ltd, I follow through with my views on quality & pass on my experience to the workshop.

E-mail hugo@eavionics.co.za.

Elaine van Rooyen - Financial Manager
After obtaining my junior Accounting diploma and being Top Student of my year, I started working for African Medicines as a junior bookkeeper, where I gained excessive experience in creditors and debtors. In 2000 I joined Rossair as a senior bookkeeper, where I got exposure of the aviation financial field as a whole. I learned a great deal about all aspects of accounting and financial decision making. In 2005 I became part of the Executive Avionic Solutions team as their Financial Manager.

E-mail elaine@eavionics.co.za.